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General Terms
1. Travel general terms
The terms and conditions are a component part of our offer, travel programme and the contract of the chosen package or trip organised by EVENT-S.
The contract about the chosen tourist package or trip can be concluded in written form.
The parties to the agreement are the travel organizer on one hand, and customer on the other.
If you do not request a written form of the contract, the contract will be considered valid and the offer accepted by the customer upon the payment of the deposit of 20% of the package price. The deposit is fixed according to the programme offered and contract, travel programme as in the general terms of travel.

2. Arrangement price
The price is fixed in the terms of the offered programme and the contract except in case of the following changes in price: currency fluctuations, fuel cost increase, transport cost increase.

3. Payment dynamics
The difference of 50% of the package price is to be paid 75 days prior to the departure while the balance in full is to be completely paid as agreed, not later than 21 days prior to the departure.

4. General cancellation fees
In the event the of an individual wishing to cancel the travel the organizer reserves the right to retain a fee for the expenses made till the moment of cancellation.
In case of full cancellation the agency has the right to retain:
   - for all cancellations from the moment the deposit was paid to 75 days prior to the departure - 20%
   - for all cancellations from 75 to 30 days prior the departure - 40%
   - for all cancellations from 29 to 15 days prior to the departure - 60%
   - for all cancellations from 14 to 08 days prior to the departure - 80%
   - for all cancellations from 07 to 0 days prior to the departure - 100%
For "no show" without prior cancellation, no matter the reason- we will retain 100% of the payment.
All cancellations must be reported to the agency office or on our Internet page The person making a cancellation signs a form containing all important details concerning the cancellation (reason, date of cancellation etc.).

5. Service travel obligations
The travel service provider's obligation is to guarantee realization of the plan as specified in the description of the package in the programme arranged by the organiser and accepted by the customer. The travel service provider shall fulfill all the mentioned obligations as described, except in circumstances beyond their control (natural disasters, terrorist attacks, epidemic, riots, etc). The organisor is obliged to provide the realisation of services, guaranteeing professional service providers and to take into consideration the customer's rights and interests in compliance with good practices, rights and interests of the tourism industry. The organisor offers to the customer all the contracted services for each package in the programme being responsible to the customer in the event of default of services or parts of services. However, the organisor is not responsible for changes outwith and their carrying out owing to circumstances beyond their control.

6. Obligations of the customer
Each passenger has to be acquainted with the rules of travel by the organisor and to conform to them. The passenger is obliged to pay all the expenses of the package prior to the departure and in accordance with the terms. The passenger is obliged to make sure that they, their documents, visas, if any, and their luggage meet all border, customs, health and other conditions. Failing to comply, the customer shall be responsible for the arised consequences. The customer shall decide whether he wants travel insurance or not within deadline. The customer shall be personally responsible for any damage he all times.

7. Travel insurance
The customer insured in the Republic of Croatia has the right to use mediacal services in the country and abroad (in the countries that Croatia has made health insurance treaty with) in accordance with the conditions and regulations of health insurance. Foreign customers who decide to come to the Republic of Croatia must be insured in the country they come from.

8. Final regulations
In the case of a misunderstanding or disputes we shall aspire to reach a peaceful and mutual conclusion. If the agreement cannot be reached the issue will become subject to the decision of the Pula Court jurisdiction, under the authority of the laws of the Republic of Croatia.
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